west african visual artist; nigerian artist ife ka terry
Artist Ife ka Terry


My name is Ife’ka Terry. I am the visual artist who established this website. I have over a decade of studio practice and founded Tugis Art Studio in Bauchi State, Nigeria. The artworks featured here are all mine and for sale. 

I have been on the internet since 2008 with half a dozen websites and blogs.

Between the year 2011 to 2013, I embarked on a social media campaign that resulted in yielding hundreds of positive feedbacks from international artists, curators, gallery owners and other art professionals (worldwide).

I guarantee, each artwork you buy directly from me is going to be of the best quality. My aim is that you get the utmost value for every cent spent purchasing my signed works. I have a 30 days money back guarantee but you have to cover the cost of shipping it to and fro.

For enquirers; feel free to email me at: info@tugis.com.ng